Good times…

In the background you can see the castle Mentin.  The castle is still under construction. Since around 20 years different speculants trying to renovate and selling with a concept to buyers. But byers are rare and business concepts are missing or bad, thats it.
My family have spend vacancies once again in 
germany.  We had many relaxing moments with the sun and awesom 37 degrees celcius.

Since ~7 years we are renovating the house of our own with many help of  father and my mother.
We installed a new heating system, before it was only possible to heat with wood at charming fireplaces. They are still there but  soon we will enjoy even the super duper new high energy efficient oil heating system when winter is coming.  Yes its still oil, because its not ready for permanent residence and solar cells still to expansive in that time. My father was helping me a lot, since he is the retired heating mechanic and I am the electrician doing the electric shortages:-)  Hopefully my electric installation will not blow up in smoke once the system do a first startup. Stay calm!

Update2020: System is up and running now for 3 years without any issue or maintenance needs.